Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Meet Queentheprophet,a Hip Hop Mobwife, female Boss, C.E.O Battlegrownd Entertainment, Twitter guru and Blogger, keeping it real from Connecticut U.S.A. The Prophet is fully dedicated to the advancement of Hip Hop, mainly known for being an emcee battle organizer, this boss lady is paving the way for the next generation of  emcees and doing a lot to promote up and coming artist in the United States. The Entertainment Commission has been following her movement on Twitter so we dicided to share her world with you in this short interview, Lets gooo!

TEC: how would you describe yourself ?

 QTP: I am a jack of all trades. I am currently the CEO of Battlegrownd Entertainment, “twitter guru”, artist manager & developer, blogger, and an artist. I am a trend setter in every sense of the word. Battlegrownd Entertainment’s #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is all about supporting the indie movement and empowering people.

TEC: How long have you been into music professionally ?

 QTP: Battlegrownd Entertainment began in 2007 as an on-line freestyle battle arena. In 2012 we became an independent Management & Development hub for indie artists, and in 2013 became an independent record label. The 7th Trumpet (currently available on iTunes) was my first formal appearance on any track. My solo project “Rise of the Phoenix” is due out Summer, 2013.

TEC: What inspired your decision to go into music?

 QTP: Music has always been a part of my life. I was singing since the age of 2 and come from a family that is very musically inclined. I began Battlegrownd in 2007 out of my own love for the art of freestyle and the battle rap. I was also married at one time to an emcee, so music has always been a part of my life. In 2011 I met Brandon Heat (Battlegrownd Entertainment Artist/ Executive Producer) and basically came out of retirement because I believed in his music and he had been jerked around so much by the industry I just wanted to help him. A few weeks later, I began managing for an independent label in Miami (the artists were CT based). 2 of these artists came out of a larger collation of emcees DOBERMANGANG and through them I met & brought into Battlegrownd Entertainment Grand Giovanni, Verbal Kent, and Young Pyro. I guess being surrounded by music again it was only inevitable that I’d eventually end up on a track.

TEC: How is the hip hop culture influencing your daily life?

QTP: We believe that hip-hop has always represented hope for poor people. Traditional hip-hop has always represented the people selected their champs and gave millions of people hope that “making it was possible”. We believe a lot of that has been lost over recent years and hip-hop became commercialized. I like to blame it on too many poor people got rich and the industry took over. We began to see artists emerge that were selected by the industry instead of by the people. The reason we are independent is because we are dedicated to the traditional sense of hip-hop and are doing everything we possibly can to make sure that the music we make supports that as well as any services we provide to others in support of the same mindset.

TEC: What’s your most significant achievement as an artist?
QTP: Making music that speaks the truth. The 7th Trumpet project is so special to me because it was recorded the night of the Sandy Hook shooting. We were scheduled 3 days earlier to record at 9:30pm 12/14 and the shooting happened at 9:30am. The 7th Trumpet 26 Project is #OPERATIONREVOLUTION in its fullest form. We are releasing 26 versions of the 7th Trumpet (Which all include myself & Grand Giovanni) but each 3rd verse is changed for each of the 26 versions. We gathered underground artists from other countries as well as “the most violent cities in the US” to be a part of this project. We have features coming from Nigeria, UK, Boston, Texas, Detroit, Florida, Philadelphia just to name a few. 26% of any earnings will be donated to 26 different causes around the world through #GNATION

7th Trumpet 26 Project #OPERATIONREVOLUTION LOOKING 4 26 emcees via @wordpressdotcom

The most significant moment in hip-hop for me was when my phone started ringing and on the other end were the people who made music I grew up on. When the calls started coming in and I was being congratulated on my movement (all visible on Twitter) by some of the people who made the music that shaped my life, that for me was the most defining moment of my career.

TEC: Name 3 artists you draw inspiration from?

 QTP: Lauren Hill, Wu-Tang Clan, and Mary J Blige   
TEC:Which famous artist would you like to do a song with?   
QTP:Lauren Hill

TEC; Whats your favorite slang word or phrase?
QTP; You aint livin right

TEC: Whats your zodiac sign?

QTP: Gemini

TEC: What are your plans for the future ?

QTP: To continue to do what we’re doing, continue to build alliances and partnerships with likeminded independent businesses, as well as relocating this summer to the NYC / NJ area.
TEC:Your message to other artist out there trying to make it ?

QTP: STUDY & RESEARCH the industry you are trying to make it in. Find out how much it costs. A lot of people have no idea how many thousands of dollars you will spend that you may not ever make back in music.

TWITTER: @queentheprophet @hiphopmobwife @battlegrowndent

INSTAGRAM: Queentheprophet

7th Trumpet “26Project” Watch on Utube :–pGEKMCZ6c

Support on iTunes: Grand Giovanni – 7th Trumpet (feat. QueenTheProphet) – Single – #iTunes